Monday, 24 June 2013

Its Raining !

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Savannah Hill Camp

at Savannah Hill Resort

14-15 Jun 2013
There is a motivasi camp for us in Savannah Hill~ We went there by bus :)
Savannah Hill
There were really new & beautiful !
Our house is that purple colour one & the teachers house is milk colour one

Just arrived there~ 
We are arranged to listen the speech and hope from school in the air auditorium.
The school hope we can gain something in this camp n be grateful 
bcuz only two classes in school get this chance to participate in this camp
It was tea-time!
nice kueh!

Finally it's free to snap pics & see our  house to sleep tonight !

this fountain outside our building is beautiful !
So excited ! we choose the room upstairs !
this is our room!!!! so nice!!!
it is much more better then I aspected !
There is air-con too!!!!!!! (the air-con is vry coolll !
n we are just too happy XD STAR~
Foot XD 
Crazy face XD
n we recorded some singing video XD


and also Kiyomi Video XD

After 2 subjects 'ceramah'
Finally We can bath n rest! 
me after bath-.-
Some pics with Xinjie xii

with Xinjie, Chingwen & Agnes~

 We sleep at 2am O.O
and wake up at 6am O.O
hello~Uncle Sun
n we had a 'senamrobik' 
4 of us again XD
the last meal before back T.T
with Xinjie xxi

our files! gave by Inti College
sweets from teacher for prevent us from sleeping!
it does not work in some subjectsssssss
aiya....need to go back ady...lying on bed cuz dont want to go back T.T
sit on the bed n take photos as a memorial

taking group photos before back

nice sweets ~Impact Mints
 Bye Bye
Savannah Hill

Friends I Love You !

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