Saturday, 31 August 2013

CuteBii Yong

This is CuteBii~ He is my dear bearbear XD
He has a pair of shiny eyes n cute semi-circle ear~

XDD that all ..

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My Top 10 Youtube Musicians

I m a love Music vry much and 'swim' in Youtube everyday to find good music :)
Today I want to share the TOP 10 Youtube Musicians in my opinion
I'm not pro n these are just my personal preferences so dont judge my result.
Thanks n theehee~ XD (learn from Ryan Higa 
He is my favourite youtube artist too! His video just made my day~
My favorite video of him is 'How to sing like your favourite artist'  
this video make me laugh until stomach pain XD


 let's start my top 10 youtube musicians list!

The 10th :Daniel J

I think much of his supporters attracted by his appearence..
Daniel J
One Direction- Best Song Ever ( Daniel J Cover)

Miley Cyrus- We Can't Stop ( Daniel J cover)

The 9th: Megan Lee

She has a sweet image n good guitar skill !
Megan Lee

Bruno Mars - The lazy Song (Cover) Megan Lee

PSY-Gentleman+Gangnam Style: Acoustic Mashup Megan Lee

The 8th: Christina Grimme

Her voice is so powerful !
Christina Grimmie

She Singing - "Titanium" by David Guetta feat. Sia

She Singing - "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz 

The 7th: Sam Tsui

Sam Tsui

"Clarity" - Zedd (Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider Cover)

CUPS!! - Pitch Perfect - 
Sam Tsui, Alex G, Kina Grannis, Kurt Schneider

The 6th: Connie Talbot

Connie Talbot

Connie Talbot - Let It Be

Pink - Just Give Me A Reason by Connie Talbot

The 5th: Jayesslee
Payphone - Maroon 5 (Jayesslee Cover)

Price Tag Jessie J (Jayesslee Cover)

Try -Pink (Jayesslee Cover)

The 4th: Jason Chen
Jason Chen
Just Give Me A Reason - P!nk ft. Nate Ruess (Jason Chen x Megan Nicole Cover)

We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus (Jason Chen Cover)

"想你的夜" - 節省錢 翻唱

The 3rd: Sungha Jung
Sungha Jung
(Christina Perri) A Thousand Years - Sungha Jung

(Sungha Jung) On a Brisk Day - Sungha Jung

The 2nd: The Pianoguys

The Pianoguys
One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (5 Piano Guys, 1 piano) - ThePianoGuys

Titanium / Pavane (Piano/Cello Cover) - David Guetta / Faure - ThePianoGuys

The 1st : my dear Madilyn Bailey!!!

She has a special soft but powerful voice~ 

Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia- Madilyn Bailey 

Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man- Madilyn Bailey

Heart Attack - Demi Lovato (Madilyn Bailey Acoustic Cover) 

Clarity - Zedd ft. Foxes- Madilyn Bailey & Clara C

Pink - Try- Madilyn Bailey & Jake Coco

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Friday, 30 August 2013

About Me

I am KaiKaiii 凯凯which means happy & joyful.
It was called by my friend at first but now I was use it as my screen name n nickname.
It actually idea from my original name which is Yong Kai Sin杨凯欣.
I take the middle name n double it become KaiKaiii ~

People: Why there is 3'i' in your name kaikaiii?
Me: Actually I m kaikai, but 'kaikai' had been registered by other people in blogger & many other website so I use 'kaikaiii' :)   

For my blog I'll update about my LifeStoryDIY & Drawing
n maybe some reviews about now issue:)

Nickname: KaiKaiii凯凯
Realname: Yong Kai Sin 杨凯欣
Birthday: 24July 1996 (17teen this year
Horoscope: Leo
Nationality: Malaysia
Race: Chinese
Hobbies: Singing, Drawing & Sleeping
Language: Mandarin, English, Malay language, Korea language(a little bit only-.-)

Favourite Colours: Light Pink & Highlight Pink
Favourite Snack: Chocolate
Favourite Artist: Super Junior

My Blogger Inspiration: Typicalben & Xiaxue from Singapore
My Goal: Be a Street Singer & Top Blogger

Physical Characteristics
Skin Tone: White-yellow tone
Skin Type: Super Oily!

Eye : Black Colour with inner double-fold eyelid
Hair : Brownish-black long curly hair
Foot Size: 23.5cm
Height: 163cm
Weight: above 50kg n below 55kg 
To recognise me easily------I have a super SQUARE Face :/

My Personalities

- stubborn n impulsive
- hate rules n boring things
- cry easily
firm in speech but soft in heart :)

For Reviews/ advertorials or enquiries please kindly email to

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hello!My New Blog

here is My New Blog

this is my new blog since the old one was sot pluggedddd....

I cant change my blog background there although I searched on Google for solution
Reupload the photo, edit the html, add css, format the template etc..
I tried all these but at the end I'm still failed to save my blog back..

Nothing can I do beside 
creating a new one :)

I really love to record all my story in my blog 
My blog is just like my diary.

That is quite sad for me to delete my old blog

 bcuz there's some meaningful posts n I already hit 4000++ views there
(maybe u think that just 4000 views only maaar but for me that is all my effort
open this new blog means that I need to start it all over againnn
but I'm also feel a little bit..only a little bit fortunately laarr
bcuz there's only 4000 views, not 400000views
if there's 400000views then I will surely veryX40000 sad 
n never blogging againnn..


maybe this happened with a reason behind?
n maybe the reason behind is good for me?
Who knows?

I am KaiKai

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Selamat Hari Raya

This month is Raya Month

The Monday of this week
I was invited by my Malay classmate--Nur Allysa
to visit her house in Setia Indah
her family treat us a good mealn a lot of KUEH 


(haha sry for my broken english >A<
use some pics to apologise~ XD

kek lapis千层糕
many type of kueh
 i like the upper left corner one kueh !!
that is a love shape butter biscut
with a thin layer chocolate ouside
n cover with Nestle Cereal !

It is

Mee Soto!
I like this so much bcuz it is so spicy
It's my liking ! 

we enjoy the meal vry much!
Yummy :D

Thx Allysa's family

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