Thursday, 20 March 2014

the SPM result :'/

1A+ 3A- 2B+ 2B 2C+

Today is 20Mac
all SPM candidates 2013 will go back to school for their SPM result.
(yeah no more school exam in future life!! XD)

I didn't expect much
but hope can be one of the lucky people that go on the stage to receive the result....

But I was not enough lucky (maybe I should say not enough hardworking:/ )
I didn't get 5A and above so no chance to go on stage...
This disappointed me a bit :(
but I still feel glad since it's much more better than what I get in trial.

Before I think I will surely fail my addmath but surprisely it came out as C+ !
and I can't believe I get an A- for my Biology paper which I only get C in the trial exam
dae-bak-i-da ~

really thx to all the teacher that spent a lot of time to prepare the module for us
 and all the friends that always share the exam tips to everybody XD
kam-sa-ham-ni-da ~

After taking the result,
We had the lunch at AnMour Cafe~

I ordered the Seafood Baked Rice which look normal and taste normal :/

 Xinjie陈圆圆 with her food :D

haha I don't know what this called XD

Time for .gif pictures XD

Maggie王昭君 what are you doing XDD

and this two out of control ladies XD
Agnes熊西施 & Chingwen田滋滋

neomu-gwi-eob-da !

It's 3:00 pm!
Long time no karaoke already at 大嘴趴!
only RM3.80 for girls with free flow drinks :D

ps: the Honey Lemon is sour like *&%*^$^*#^

寂寞寂寞就好for someone XD

峨眉pie 's selfie XD

 really love you guys so much!!

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