Friday, 29 November 2013

Evolution of An ELF Room Wall

Today is 29th Nov 2013,
Imma 2 yrs old ELF !! 축하합니다 !!

This is the evolution of my super awesome room wall,

this wall really make me proud :D

I want to say thank you to . .
my mum who always help me to buy the Epop,
my bro who gave me the poster that his friend bought from Korea!
 those my friends who always give posters to me for free,
and my dad who gave me money so that I can bought all of these! LOL
I love all of you!!

" How I became an ELF? "

On the 29th November 2011,
which two years ago on this day,
SuperJunior attended the MAMA held in Singapore and brought a wonderful performance!!


All these guys were bursted into tears when they win the Album Of The Year 'dae ssang' ,
Teukie oppa's speech was the main reason why I decided to became their loyal fan.

At that time,
I was wondering how uneasy their life in past could make them cry while be thankful so much,
but when I watch their journey video for 1 1/2 hours about how they work hard
before debut and overcome lot of challenges to reach their position today,
I cried hardly throughout whole the video TAT
but since 'God will not test beyond you can bear' ,
the boys are now grew up to become more and more stronger.

and I make a decision which totally change my whole life :
I want to be an ELF as their backing support to be with them until the end of my life :)

Start from that day,
I have a new name called Everlasting Friend which commonly known as 'ELF'. :)

and I started changing!!!
I started to like things in Sapphire blue,
I started to listen Korean pop song,
I started to learn some Korean language,
I started to show my support for them by action,
like buying their official album, photo book, and etc.
and the most important 
I started hate the SM Entertainment!!

Become an crazy ELF was the thing I never thought would happened before,
I still remember what I said to my mum . . . .
' those fans who spend lot of money of idol stuffs look so stupid =3= '
' how can they sleep in airport or outside of the stadium just for their idol? '
but now I know how they feel . . . .
what we do is so tiny if compare with what our boys do for us :')

I never regret about spending money on them but 
spending much more money on Taobao than their official goods :(
I should'nt buy those dingdingdongdong useless badgets and pokercard -.-
but their official goods is super expensiveeeee =(
So what I buy is only their studio albums bcuz of GDA Awards. XD
So sad this year SJ have no new studio album to get the awards
(sure it's tricks of SM -.-zzzZZ

Never mind, Teukie oppa will come back soon
and we will release a super awesome album to grab all the awards! =D
2014 Hwaiting!!

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