Friday, 29 March 2013

BoysInTheCity4 & BreakDown

After waiting for few weeks finally my 
Super Junior Boys In The City 4 in Paris & SJM's Break Down 
was arrived!

Here is Break Down Korean.Ver
Super Junior-M Break Down outside view
Super Junior-M Break Down inside view
My Boys In The City 4 -Paris!
Boys In The City 4- Paris (Mandarin Translate Ver)
Boys In The City 4- Paris Poster
Boys In The City 4-Paris Poster
The photo book~ (actually are post card)

Diary Book
2013 Diary
inside got members Birthday~ WOW
so charming! Eunhyukkiee !
haha i snatch Yesung's basketball XD
haha kacau LeeTeuk xxi ~
the seller are so kind give me free gifts hohoho

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