Friday, 30 August 2013

About Me

I am KaiKaiii 凯凯which means happy & joyful.
It was called by my friend at first but now I was use it as my screen name n nickname.
It actually idea from my original name which is Yong Kai Sin杨凯欣.
I take the middle name n double it become KaiKaiii ~

People: Why there is 3'i' in your name kaikaiii?
Me: Actually I m kaikai, but 'kaikai' had been registered by other people in blogger & many other website so I use 'kaikaiii' :)   

For my blog I'll update about my LifeStoryDIY & Drawing
n maybe some reviews about now issue:)

Nickname: KaiKaiii凯凯
Realname: Yong Kai Sin 杨凯欣
Birthday: 24July 1996 (17teen this year
Horoscope: Leo
Nationality: Malaysia
Race: Chinese
Hobbies: Singing, Drawing & Sleeping
Language: Mandarin, English, Malay language, Korea language(a little bit only-.-)

Favourite Colours: Light Pink & Highlight Pink
Favourite Snack: Chocolate
Favourite Artist: Super Junior

My Blogger Inspiration: Typicalben & Xiaxue from Singapore
My Goal: Be a Street Singer & Top Blogger

Physical Characteristics
Skin Tone: White-yellow tone
Skin Type: Super Oily!

Eye : Black Colour with inner double-fold eyelid
Hair : Brownish-black long curly hair
Foot Size: 23.5cm
Height: 163cm
Weight: above 50kg n below 55kg 
To recognise me easily------I have a super SQUARE Face :/

My Personalities

- stubborn n impulsive
- hate rules n boring things
- cry easily
firm in speech but soft in heart :)

For Reviews/ advertorials or enquiries please kindly email to

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