Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hello!My New Blog

here is My New Blog

this is my new blog since the old one was sot pluggedddd....

I cant change my blog background there although I searched on Google for solution
Reupload the photo, edit the html, add css, format the template etc..
I tried all these but at the end I'm still failed to save my blog back..

Nothing can I do beside 
creating a new one :)

I really love to record all my story in my blog 
My blog is just like my diary.

That is quite sad for me to delete my old blog

 bcuz there's some meaningful posts n I already hit 4000++ views there
(maybe u think that just 4000 views only maaar but for me that is all my effort
open this new blog means that I need to start it all over againnn
but I'm also feel a little bit..only a little bit fortunately laarr
bcuz there's only 4000 views, not 400000views
if there's 400000views then I will surely veryX40000 sad 
n never blogging againnn..


maybe this happened with a reason behind?
n maybe the reason behind is good for me?
Who knows?

I am KaiKai

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