Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tanjung Piai

Tanjung Piai

yeah! We went to Tanjung Piai 红树林~
Just arrived there

2 Libra XD
3 Libra with Libra pose XDDD
going in~~~
Maggie, Agnes & Chingwen

Maggie, Agnes & Chingwen
Xinjie, Ziqi & ZheRong
Xinjie & Ziqi

the scenary is so natural beautiful~!
Do u want to go in?? XD That was a toilet
go into the hall for a Ceramah about the 红树林
2 Libra & 1 Sagittarius

After ceramah, It's time to say hi to the 红树林 :D

I like the sea ~
the jetty

cute Maggie XD

Titanic XD cover by Xinjie & Agnes

hahaha XD
I like the feel of this photo vry much~!
need to go back ady..
I'm not Paparazzi OKKKKKKK?

can u see that is a monkey!
they are vry active n so hard to take a pic of them..

A lunch before we go back :)

Bingkhe & HanJun

Maggie xxi

what facial expression is this Maggie? XDD
haha any funny things XDD?

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