Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Renovation of 5SN1

10.00 am SMK Taman Mount Austin
My Class 5SN1 had a RENOVATION !
but only half of us came to help..the rest are so..........

so sorry that this is my "help"
i just take the cover of the nippon paint i dun know it will fall of...

painting the wall

wrapping the desk

hanging the curtain

what are these two people doing ! (Rejecting the Milo?

Monitor u should concentrate on painting the wall..

look AiLeen so concentrate on her work!
KaiYang also very focus on wrapping desk~
TsinLuke also very concentrate!
everyone is concentrate
even girls are also have thier works to do~
but monitor what r u doingggg?..
Laughing alone? LOL
Beauty no need to work ?XD
joking was their works XD!

taking photo in school TOILET before going out for fun!
these 2 飞毛腿 walk vry fast !

with Xinjie Xii
no need to confuse, I'm the one with bigger face :/

Singing Time 
at Loudspeaker Taman Mount Austin!!!!!!!
RM9.90 only with meals ! (morning session
Our drinks
2 Fish Chips & 2 Chicken Chips
from left: ChingWen, Agnes, Me & Xinjie
It's a Nice Day~

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