Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Ohaiyo Kun-eiGirls

Japanase student from
Osaka Kun-ei Senior High School


had came to our school

and i was vry honour can took them to look around our campus
n teached them some tradisional games in Malaysia
before they are coming we can only take photosssssssssssss
with my friends XD

finally they were came!

i like their school uniform so much!
it is so cute!
after the speech from both School Principle 
n the performances of Kompang,ChineseYoyo 24Festival Drum  from our school,
the Japanese Girls also brought us some dance performances! 
the first performances i have no photo or video bcuz i didnt bring my handphone to school
so all these photos were took by my friend :)

this is the second performances !~

this hand was the hand of kun-ei high school Principle

the third dances performances are more energetic!

 the last performances is word-building XD

after all the performances we took the Japanese student to walk around our campus n try our tradisional games

: now we are going to try Malay tradisional suit-baju kurung
so lovely XD

We exchange our presents :)

I like it so much:DDD

with the Wall Of Hope

Congkak everywhere XD
try Congkak Game

try 24节令鼓

try Kompang 

try Chinese YOYO 
me appear again XD

 and take some photo before apart 
Aileen &JieYee with their partner

beautiful Japanese Girl


hope we could meet again. :)

Kun-ei High School~

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