Saturday, 6 July 2013

Singapore window-shopping

I was visited Clarke Quay in Singapore with my family.
But a little bit sad bcuz I have no money to go shopping there
so I take pics a lot


just find the most exposure side to the sun XD
my mum

 a restaurant that have indivisual style
Cant go in for dining but I can take picture! LOL
nothing to capture ady..

I like the building style so much!
just a nice place!
Mum was so exited to see those beer !
she asked me to snap all these for DAD  XD 

 I like the colour of the corridor ~!

After snap all these pics..
 I was so hungry,
so I had a meal.
Snapple Grape Juice n Tiramisu
from SwissBake
an artistic bakery 

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