Monday, 21 October 2013

Don't play play: Thundering!

Since a few things happened in this 3 days,
I just put all the pics together X)

In the day before yesterday,

It was a 'heart-broken' thunder,
which directly caused my home's TV to damage beyond repair..
My father looks really sad after he heard this....
I am so sorry :'(

look! It burnt!

The high voltage also caused the cable to melt !

Now I realize how powerful the NATURE is -.-

At the same day,

 Thx Pn Lee for this lovely butterfly paper clip !!

And today,

Thx Pn Jamilah for this cute thing :D
(her daughter is married! )

That's All.
:  now is my Afternoon-nap time hohoho
Tomorrow's Gerak Gempur BMMianne..

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