Friday, 4 October 2013

No mood BUT Thx Bro

Where did I go?   City Square
When did I go?   3:00 afternoon
How I go?   By bus
Why I go?   Shopping?  NO Eating?  NO

I also don't know why I went out with my brother..
maybe just because I don't want to spoil his mood,
Actually really no mood to go out-.-
since it's FREE so.........
just go :DD

Today's look!
Me(with annoying big pimple-.-
Bro & Me

I am not hungry cuz I just had my lunch before we go out,
but my brother was very hungry cuz he didn't take his lunch in home o.o
He asked me that what I want to eat and
the only food that pop out in my mind was Mcflurry Oreo Ice-Cream

And he went to a "Sunflower Restaurant" to take his lunch....
(don't know the name of this restaurant-.-



 Have a butter bread as dinner :)

Beautiful Friday Sunset :)

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