Sunday, 8 September 2013

Can I continue eating..?

It's a typical Sunday night,
My dad and mum decided to fetch my brother (he is working at City Square) 
and have a dinner together in 食得福.

Today's look!

Weighing at the custom....

I was shockkkkk when I see the result....
I can't accept this QAQ
can I continue eating like this.....?
T.T.....52.7 kg 
Mum~ 70++
She get slimmer!
Dad are in normal BMI range~
Dinner Time>>>>
my tired brother
his Western Food~
actually just some fish chips,french fries, hot dog and bread LOL
he 'terbalik' the tomato sauce and chili sauce XD
laugh die me!!
hot dog~ ( my home one is better and cheaper-.-
fish chips~ ( taste normal...
Mum's chao kuay tiao~
my 白果清汤(cheated !
this soup normally where got black colour one-.- 
stingy dad diet-ing~

The End ~

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