Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Yuck!! It taste bad !

Each of us sure will  have some foods that we dislike to eat,
after reading a old post of  him(Typicalben) about the foods that he don't like,
I (am very copycat one la :/ ) also want to share some foods that I don't like,
most of them are because their strong smell。。。。。。

1. Parsley
seriously I hate the smell and the taste of this vegetable, 
I dont know why my mum always put this on the steamed fish and said it is smell good -.- 

2. Celery
actually parsley's the leaves of the celery.....
although this vegetable seems very healthy but I still not eating them LOL

3. Capsicum (no matter what colour it is :/
it taste a little bit spicy but more strange smell...

4. Garlic
only can accept when it is chopped :(

5. Ginger
same with above..

6. Cherry
I still remember when I was young when I haven't been tasted the cherry,
I like cherry so much because it is pink in colour and look so tiny & cute,
but once I tried it on the birthday cake, I hate it...
It is so bitter and taste like the Antibiotic syrup gave by doctor when I was young...
I dislike the chemical taste of the cherry 
I don't know whether is the cherry really taste like chemical or
the bakery didn't wash out the farm chemicals on the cherry o.o

7. Papaya
I don't like its rubber taste....Although it is collagen(i think..)

8. Passion Fruit
Orange, Mango, Banana, Jackfruit, Kiwi....
There is so many delicous fruit's smell combine together make the passion fruit taste become so weird

9. Mushroom soup
I was scared and swear that I will never drink it again after tried the sample packed of mushroon soup gave by promotion.

10. Chicken Feet
This is what I can never accept ! It just look like a human hand although it has only 4 fingers
seeing people eating this I feel like they are chewing the joint of human's finger..

Bonus: Pork Belly !
A lot of people like pork belly very much but I don't like the oily feel when bite the pork..
the pork have no elasticity(can use like this?@@)
Just feel that a lot of fats and oil in mouth, that is disgusting..(forgive me to say like this

that all

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