Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Thx Bro: Dontaku どんた Japanese Restaurant

Today actually is school day & one day before my SPM trial Biology paper
but I sneak out since my bro said he want to treat my mum and I at the Japanese restaurant he work!

Before we go to City Square, 
we had breakfast at the hawker centre nearby cuz I need to repair my broken spec :( .
Chee Cheong Fun猪肠粉
Mee Rebus
Chrysanthemum tea

Sad case, the optician said that frame can't repair anymore
so I can change a new frame :D
big poster ! '___'
so many spec~~
but only a few choice for me because it need to fit with my old glasses :(

The daughter of the ladyboss is so cute!!


here's some funny pics with new spec with mum on bus to City Square XD

sorry mum XD
I am so happy~

Arrived City Square,
have a KimDo BBQ first~
BBQ chicken
my favourite Octopus!

Venue : Dontaku どんた Japanese Restaurant 

boss today~
my generous brother!
First dish : chopstick (just kidding XD
my green tea, wasabi and  sauce (shoyu) 
mum & bro 's cold green tea

there's a free salad buffet for who spend more than RM15 :D

fresh white cabbage
I like to mix the cabbage with the Thousand Island sauce!

the main course come!

Salmon Flake Mayo Roll

Volcana Roll

Gyo Za饺子 (Japanese Dumpling)

Ika geso Foil yaki

Dontaku Bento
Ebi Tempura
cold-noodle & soup
Ebiko Salad Maki
Miso Soup
cabbage salad~
Soft-shell crab Temaki
It's good to give a try in Dontaku~
Good food at reasonable price :> 

HOHO  today's 收获! 
a sapphire blue watch just suit me as ELF!

The day with new spec & new watch~
but big forehead need to cover up with sticker XD

ByeBye :D

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