Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hari Koko: 友谊地久天长

Xinjie, Me, Maggie, Agnes & Chingwen

Today is Hari Koko of my school SMK Taman Mount Austin :D
SMK Taman Mount Austin
We wasted our 2.5 hour for just sit & waiting the 'Jualan Gerai' part.
It's so boring and annoying because we keep scolded by teacher,
the people who come already give面子to the school,
we should not be treated like that isn't it..

let's enjoy the photos

Xinjie, Chingwen & Maggie! (where is Agnes o.o XD
Chingwen & Maggie

I spend only RM5+1 today!
for Burger RM2.50 and a Domino Pizza RM3.50
which RM1 is from my generous bff Xinjie
Domino Pizza from Club Counseling
Agnes: 'Sharing is Caring~~' 

take a pic beauty~XD
only 田田is ready XD
Agnes also ready~  (Maggie look at here !!
:D yeah!

pity ChiYann helps to spray the brick to decorate the school,
some students are selling the foods & drinks.

After we used up all of our coupon, there's a place for us to go....
that 's Padang草场!
 (what is this called in English harr..
We recorded a song here !!! 小时代的插曲——友谊天长地久 :D
Me, Xinjie, Maggie, Agnes & Chingwen
I like my school, really:)
yeah! (haha taking pic while walking XD
just one more month to wear school shoes,
maybe I will miss this in future?

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