Sunday, 22 September 2013

Orange Jelly with too much water

I thought it will taste Q-ly, but it's not..
 Failed :'(

Today's 8 o'clock in the morning,
I was woken up by mum cuz she want me to accompany her to the market,
See what I bought from the Maslee, Setia Indah~!

Jelly Crystal Powder !
look quite easy to do o.o
It had a sweet orange smell~

Time to start cooking !!
>400ml of water...  This is the reason why it failed T.T
(mum said add more water lar if not later no enough to fill up all...
pour in the water
pour in the jelly powder
stir it while cooking till it boiled
nice colour !
 While waiting it to boil,
cut the orange into diced~

and then the final step before put it into the freezer~
It looks really nice!

But why end up like this OAO..!
It can't be solidify(?).. (cuz we put too much water...
need to use small spoon to eat.........

what a sad ending.....

Conclusion : Stingy really bring bad effect ! 

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