Monday, 30 September 2013

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS!

Hi guys! (maybe only I am just talking to myself :/
I blog today to get a chance to win a pair of shoes from SKECHERS !
Their shoes design are very modern and colourful which really attracted me 
(I'm pink colour crazy fans XD
I like all of them especially the +3 series and I really hope can get a pair of SKCH+3

I actually knew this contest from Typicalben's blog,
and decided to take part at that moment cuz I like styling very much!
so this is a great contest that to challenging myself !
Wish me good luckkkkkkk :D

There are 5 type of looks by wearing Skechers Shoes

Go to beach
: blue tone, free, no stress, girly

Go To Sport
: Active, Young, Sporty, Playful

Go To School
: Unique, Relax, Brightly

Go To Work
: Elegent, Independent, Confident

Go For Fun
: Young girl, Curious, Funky 

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