Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What are u not satisfied with?

never mind I can still grumble using my poor English :)
If you see this, Pls don't对号入座 cause I am not write your name out,
If you think that is you, then that is you :DD


I always like my classmates although others dislike us because our 'cool-cool lazy kiasu' style. :/
but sometimes (especially before and after exam), I just can't withstand some of them..

Before exam, 
Their powerful tuition teachers will give the sure-comingout tips to help their students,
the reason why the students did well in exam are not because of the teaching of tutor
but the tips from them...this only bring harms to the students.
When the students be used to rely the tips of exam,
they cannot perform well in real exam. 

After exam,
When the time to get our exam result,
I don't know why some people always mean to that one or two marks in exam?
They just so stubborn and want the teachers to add marks for them,
although the marks wouldn't help them to change their grade,
they still want to add the marks-.- (sot plug?
I know this trial SPM results can use to apply school or scholarship already,
but do you need to argue for that one or two marks when you are already A+?
really can't understanding them..

Argue and argue and argue...
which just make teachers feel bored and tired,
they just mark the paper by follow the marking skim(?)
Why you can't accept what the teacher said?
That's better to argue with the SPM marking teacher

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