Friday, 6 September 2013

KaiKaiii on the bag (DIY)

my name ‘凯’ on the bag!

Find a reusable bag 

sketch the design on a paper &
transfer it to the bag which already fixed on the cardboard
prepare all this tools and materials.
ex: Acrylic paint, brushes(few) and water
my acrylic paint set (it is costly....
I also use pink fabric paint & sponge
because my acrylic paint set didn't have this bright pink colour

 Start painting !
I use the slanting type brush to fill the colour because it can colour the corner or circle easily!
this kind of  bag material really 'GOOD' in absorbing my expensive paint LOL
I am so sad T.T 
add pink & white colour using sponge by dot-pressed method to create the cloudiness feel
the last step : draw the outline by using thin brushes with black colour

it was done beautifully! <3

I am the Queen

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