Friday, 20 September 2013

No money No Talk:Raffles College

I like this college so much but I have no chance to study there :(

“Money is not everything but without money you can do nothing” 
(It's damn true in this realistic world :/

This is the first time in my life that I realised how important MONEY is.
and also the first time that nothing can I do to get closer to my target..
cuz no scholarship are offer for my ideal course Fashion Marketing :'(

Highclass college sure with 'highclass' fees. :/
The tuition fees for 3years cost $g dollar 69000 !!! (no include incidental expenses-.-
It's almost RM180,000 (can buy the Toyota Estima already...

The reason why Raffles College Singapore attracted me is because its campus design.
How unique & artistic it is!
It gave me a strong feeling of trusting this place will lead me to success in future career!

Inside of the campus also full of ART atmosphere..~
like a small modern museum!
Exhibition area
Student Interactive corner
Library - Entrance
Library -Reading area
Lift lobby
Super love the creative clock design !!
Simple but Modern
Seminar room

The spririt is willing but the flesh is weak. :(
In facts, 
my parent can't affort this big sum of fees although I like this college very much.
A heavy burden will fell on them if I stubbornly choose to study there :(
Now, the only thing can I do is stop the daydreaming and forget about it,
Starting from tomorrow,
no more Raffles daydreaming but collect more informations from others colleges,
sure there is an artistic school for artistic me! (over self-confidence XD

I'll just follow the destiny which bring me to the right way of my life:)

: image from Raffles College

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